Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder and Publisher

“During the past 10 years the role of the salesperson has transformed from that of a provider of information to that of a trusted advisor. Dan Adams has created a terrific, practical, strategic and tactical playbook for sales professionals that is filled with templates, samples letters and effective tools that can be put to use immediately to close more sales.”

Craig Schiefelbein
President and CEO
Paragon Development Systems

“Adams’ unique, process-based approach to guiding customers makes Building Trust, Growing Sales a MUST READ for anyone wishing to call themselves a sales professional. It simplifies the complex!”

Lance Bates
General Manager – Sales
GE Healthcare

“The financial impact of the content in Dan’s book on the performance of my team has been astounding. Our total sales orders growth and margins went from last to first in the US.”

Peter J. Arduini
Corporate Vice President of Medication
Delivery Business and President of Medication Delivery
Baxter World Trade Corp.

“This book tells you exactly what it takes to be a highly consultative sales superstar. It should be read by every sales professional.”

Kevin Donovan
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Fusion Sales Partners

"Dan’s book is a cut above - upscale sales techniques for upscale sales professionals. His approach has been adopted by our teams to help them achieve top sales performance."

Lawrence S. Dolin
Chairman, President and CEO
Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.

“If you are selling expensive software, complex solutions, or technology you must read this book. Well written and organized it outlines a new and highly consultative approach to working with customers.”

Michael Minogue
Chairman, President and Chief
Executive Officer
Abiomed, Inc.

“This book is a very good blend between sales strategy and tactics. It outlines what successful sales leaders do to ensure customers value their service. As technology and customers continue to evolve, Dan's insights will be even more critical for success.”

Paul S. Johnson
Vice President - Americas Sales & Customer Support
Applied Biosystems Inc.

“Dan is a shining star in the sales training field. I would strongly recommend that you read Building Trust, Growing Sales. You will not be disappointed. Dan's "homerun" content focuses on the need-to-know secrets required to access key executives, sell value, control the sale, deploy proper strategy, handle objections, negotiate and close the sale. Dan's approach will immediately help you to win major deals.”

Cary G. Vance,
General Manager - Sales
GE Healthcare

"I require anyone who works on my commercial teams to read one book on selling ... this one!"

Jay D. Miller
President and CEO
Vital Images, Inc.

“Thanks to the content in Dan’s book, we have witnessed incredible metamorphoses within our team. His Trust Triangle Selling approach has translated to immediate sales within our team. His tools are simple and easy to implement immediately.”

Steven P. Canakes
Executive Vice President Global Sales
Vital Images, Inc.

“As a sales executive with over 25 years of both direct sales and sales management experience, I have had the opportunity to read many “how to” books. “Building Trust, Growing Sales” offers a direct and clear message which will quickly pay significant dividends to any sales organization. Dan Adams’ message, sales training tools and now this book, are helping to shape our sales culture and develop our sales teams into true sales professionals.”